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Chemtronica distributes chemicals and solvents for a number of different suppliers and we are constantly expanding our supply. Some of our most important suppliers are shown here:

Alfa Aesar
Offers over 27 000 products. The range includes organic ???, inorganic substances of high purity, precious metals, alloys and catalysts.

Carlo Erba (SDS)
Carlo Erba offers a complete range of basic chemicals. We store some of the most common products in the Stockholm area for immediate delivery.

Building blocks for synthesis.
Chemtronica collaborates with several specialized suppiers of synthesis building blocks used for example in synthesis. These suppliers have a large number of substances in stock for immediate dispatch. Among these are Apollo AK Scientific, Combi-Blocks, Manchester Organics etc.

Offers products within material chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry etc. Remarkably high quality which explains the slightly higher pricing. Most of the catalogue products are delivered with exceptional speed from TCI's own storage in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Specializes in development and fabrication of peptides and complex organic active pharmaceutical ingredients, along with biochemicals for research. Most of the catalogue products are delivered form Bachem's own storage in Well am Rhein, Germany.

Strem Chemicals
Offers metals, inorganic substances, organometallics and nanomaterials. Most of the catalogue products are delivered from Strem's own storage in Bischheim, France.